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Home Energy Loss In Your Attic - The Red Zone
Most energy loss and gain is through the attic space of a home. This is what we refer to as the Energy Red Zone. The attic energy loss rate can exaggerate the problems you might be feeling in your home. A poor attic will allow a quicker heat loss that creates a chimney or stacking effect. This chimney effect pulls air from the lower, weaker parts of the thermal and building envelope. This means walls feel colder, windows and doors leak more, and there are more uneven temperatures throughout the home, and even changing temps from room to room.

Home Energy Loss Comes From 3 Major Sources

Radiant – Conduction – Convection

Radiant Energy can transfer from one mass object to another mass object through even a vacuum space.  Radiant Energy comes from the heat source itself: • The Sun • The Furnace • Our Bodies • Appliances and Electronics 



Home Energy Loss Transfer From Radiant , Conduction & Convection

Our Home Energy Inspection Includes Measuring:

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