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Attic Insulation Air Flow Sealing

A proper insulated attic needs to start with air sealing. This is where spaces and cracks located in the attic allow air to freely pass from the lower living conditioned space into the unconditioned space of the attic. However, we can not impede the natural flow of gaseous moisture to the air spec where it is expelled to the outside with the roof ventilation system.



Blown Attic Insulation Home Energy Performance
Fiberglass insulation will help with conductive and convective energy transfer so it is essential. Local energy code now requires an “R” 49. However keep in mind that insulation “R” value is tested at 72 degrees and 50% relative humidity. This means many insulation types will lose “R” value when the temperature exceeds 72 degrees and/or humidity is in excess of 50%. We recommend a formaldehyde free fiberglass for this application. No matter how well an attic is sealed, air from the attic will still intermix with the living area. Many other insulation products have chemicals and additives that can be respiratory irritants and carcinogens.

Attic Reflective Insulation Save On Utility Bills

Reflective insulation is a technological advancement that provides better control of heat compared to standard and traditional forms of insulation. NASA’s development of reflective technology allows us to reflect and redirect heat to its’ original source. Common insulation such as fiberglass, foam, and cellulose act as a sponge which absorbs and resists energy transfer but doesn’t stop it. Cronkhite Home Solutions has been successful at implementing this form of insulation into a complete system for your home. This implementation has reduced energy bills more than any other energy home improvement we have done.


eShield 11000 Reflective Attic Insulation Home Energy Savings
Eshield 11000 is a Reflective Insulation that can be an extremely effective and essential part of the entire attic insulation system. This product is a unique 3 dimensional insulation product comprised of two surfaces of 99.5% pure aluminum and will reflect 97% of the heat that strikes it. It will immediately keep your home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer along with greatly reducing those ever-escalating energy bills. Eshield has several uses for correcting the problems in the entire building envelope. These areas include walls, knee walls, hidden chase areas, basements, crawlspaces, duct wrapping, and much more.

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