About Cronkhite Home Solutions

With Almost 30 Years In The Home Improvement Business, We’ve Become A Leading Expert In The Midwest!

I first entered the home improvement industry in 1990. This is when I found my love for home-improvements and energy-efficiency. I became obsessed with learning everything I could from the initial appointment all the way through the installation.

One of the complaints many home owners have is that the salesman and the installer are not on the same page. I, also, started noticing that many of the contractors have lost their focus on customer satisfaction and appreciation.

I believed (and still do) that the industry had, and was still changing. I firmly believed customer satisfaction and web presence; real-time, web reviews was going to be the life or death of the contractors in the future.

The great thing about technology even in the home improvement business is customers can now “vote” online. By voting, I mean they can give a positive review or a negative one. For many contractors this has created a problem. For us, it is just the opposite.

I wanted to have a different kind of home improvement company. So, I decided to make the salesperson the project manager. They are in charge, and accountable for all aspects of your project. This includes sales and installation. This has eliminated most communication errors, and keeps your first contact with our company involved with you from start to finish.

Dale Cronkhite – Cronkhite Home Solutions

Replacement Windows & Entry Doors by Cronkhite Home Solutions

Most Contractors In Peoria & Bloomington Will Find Out Your Budget, Sell You On A Price

…Then Source The Cheapest Possible Products & Labor To Maximize Profits.

You End Up Paying Too Much For Inferior Products — No Matter What Price You Paid.

At Cronkhite Home Solutions…We’re Different!

  • We Find The Exact Right Product For Your Situation
  • We Give You A Detailed, Iron-Clad Quote
  • We Only Use The Best Installers
  • You Get Exactly What You Need, The Longest Warranty, & The Best Overall Value

Most Midwest home improvement contractors will sell you your “budget.” The cheaper they can get it done, the more money THEY make. This forces a conflict of cheap labor and subpar products.

When it comes to home remodeling in Peoria IL and Bloomington IL, we never take a “Profit over People” approach. It’s not who we are. But, it is a reflection of a problem in the industry. So much so that not using the proper material and installation, and strictly following state code is now a criminal offense. We’ve never had these problems, but apparently others do.

Here’s How We’re Different…

First off, you will NEVER have to be concerned about the quality of your installation. No one works on any job for us unless they have a minimum of 10 years experience with your project.

Next – Just because it’s cold at your window does not mean you need a new window. Sure, we’d love for you to invest in windows with us, but we want to make sure that’s the problem… first. Sometimes, cold windows in Peoria or Bloomington could just be because of poor ventilation. Either way, we’ll find out before we make ANY recommendation.

And lastly – The same person who sold you siding or windows will be there with you every step of the way. For instance, when other Peoria IL home-remodeling contractors come to your home, the salesman is only interested in making a commission… and will never see you again. This can cause a problem with over promising and omitting details only the installer would know. When I started, I wanted to make sure this never happens. So, our salesmen are also your project managers who work directly with your back office and the installers.

You get guaranteed price quotes, highly paid installers, best possible products available, and we promise to never “shop” your project just to make an extra few bucks off you.